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Sometimes mics and shows get canceled last minute and are not reflected on this site. Verify on the Facebook group before driving out.




Open Mics

Visit the Facebook group to make sure the mic is happening before you drive all the way to the venue.


Chop Schticks @ Mr. Sushi Clifton

1st & 3rd Mondays | 9:30 sign-up | 10pm start | Show up, go up

Open Mike’s Open Mic @ Listermann Brewing Company

2nd & 4th Mondays | 6:30 sign-up | 7pm start | Show up, go up

What’s The Hubbub? @ The Hub

2nd & 4th Mondays | 9:30 sign-up | 10pm start | Show up, go up

Insert Jokes Here @ The Talon Tavern

2nd & 4th Mondays | 8:30 sign-up | 9pm start | Show up, go up




Punch Lines on Short Vine

1st & 3rd Tuesdays | 8pm start | bucket spots drawn at 8:00

Olde Time Open Mic at McLevy’s Pub

2nd & 4th Tuesdays | 7:30 sign-up | 8pm start | Show up, go up


Go Bananas Comedy Club

Every Wednesday | 8pm | Bringer, must sign-up via email



1st & 3rd Thursdays | 10pm sign up | 10:30pm start | Show up, go up

Comedy by the Slice at Mac’s Pizza Mainstrasse

2nd & 4th Thursdays | 9 pm sign up | 9:30 pm start | Show up, go up


Yippie Calle M*th*r F*ck*r at Cantina Calle

1st & 3rd Sundays | 7:30 sign up | 8pm start | Show up, go up

One In A Millions at Millions Café

2nd & 4th Sundays | 7pm sign up | 7:30 start | Show up, go up


Check out one of these stellar shows to see locals and nationally touring acts showing off material carefully honed night in and night out. You’re guaranteed to have a great time.


Truth Serum

1st Mondays | 7pm | MOTR Pub | FREE


MOTR Mouth

2nd Tuesdays | 8pm | MOTR Pub | FREE

Too Drunk, Too Loud

Final Tuesdays | 9pm | Drinkery OTR | FREE


Thursday Night Buzz

2nd Thursdays | 8pm | Myrtle’s Punch House | FREE


4th Thursdays | 8pm | Myrtle’s Punch House | FREE


Future Science

Final Sundays | 10pm | MOTR Pub | FREE